Prylutska (Gukasova)


Qualification works

Bachelor degree work at Karazin KhNU
“Development of method for the inventarisation of species composition and population structure of bats (Chiroptera)”.

Master degree work at Saint Petersburg State University
“Development approbation of method of inventoty of bats (Chiroptera) using mist nets”.



In 2009 graduated Karazin Kharkov National university, Biology faculty, Department of zoology and animal ecology (a Bachelor of Biology degree).

In 2011 graduated Saint Petersburg State University, Biological and Soil science faculty, Department of Vertebrate zoology (a Master of Biology degree).


Since 2011 research officer of Interdepartmental research laboratory “Study of biodiversity and development of nature reserve management”.

Since 2012 lecturer-pedagogue at Kharkov Zoological Garden.

Since 2012 scientific associate at National nature park “Gomolshansky lessy” (Kharkov region).



E-mail: prylutskaa(at)gmail.com



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Conference presentations

  • Kravchenko K.A., Vlaschenko S.A., Klochko A.N., Gukasova A.S. Seasonal changes of bat assemblage in primeval beech forest of Crimea // International Conference Primeval Beech Forests “Reference System of the Management and Conservation of Biodiversity, Forest Resources and Ecosystem Services” (L’viv, 2-9 June 2013). L’viv: 2013. – P. 109.
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  • Kravchenko K., Gukasova A., Vlaschenko A. The method of inventory and monitoring of summer bat population by using ultra-thin mistnets // Streszczenia materialow konferencji Ogolnopolska Konferencja Chiropterologiczna Wypracowanie czynnych doswiadczen projektu “Ochrona podkowca malego w Polsce” (Krynica Zdroj, 22-24 marca 2013 r.). Krynica Zdroj: 2013. – S. 26-27. (In Polish.)
  • Vlaschenko A.S., Kravchenko K.A. & Gukasova A.S. New winter aggregation of N. noctula in cities of NE Ukraine: evolution step in anthropocene or ecological trap? // Abstr. of 3rd International Berlin Bat Meeting: Bats in the Anthropocene (Berlin, 1-3 March 2013). Berlin: 2013. – P. 86.
  • Vlaschenko A.S., Kravchenko K.A. & Gukasova A.S. Predict of the future fatalities: Bats and wind energy in Ukraine // Abstr. of the Conference of Wind Power and Environmental Impacts (Stockholm, 5th – 7th February 2013). Stockholm: 2013. – P. 109-110.
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