Qualification works

Master degree work at Karazin KhNU

«Application of PCR for identification of pathogenic fungi of bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera) as an example Geomyces destructans».

Scientific interests

Ecology and conservation of bats.



In 2010 got bachelor of biology, in 2011 got master of biology in Karazin Kharkov National university, department of biology, school of genetic and cytology. Now, a master-student of Wroclaw University (Wroclaw, Poland), Biological faculty, Institute of zoology, specialty ecology and biodiversity.



Since 2011 research officer of Interdepartmental research laboratory “Study of biodiversity and development of nature reserve management”.



E-mail: shusha-kravcheneo(at)rambler.ru, shusha.kravcheneo(at)gmail.com



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