Fauna of Ukraine:
conservation categories


All bat species of Ukraine have legal protection status. Brief information on the issue is available at the page Legislation, detailed description of the laws, agreements, red lists and categories is given in the reference book available for downloading here.



Fauna of Ukraine: conservation categories. Reference book / O. Godlevska, I. Parnikoza, V. Rizun, H. Fesenko, Yu. Kutsokon, I. Zagorodniuk, M. Shevchenko, D. Inozemtseva; eds.: O. Godlevska, H. Fesenko. The 2nd edition. Kyiv, 2010. 80 p.



The book includes lists of all species of Ukrainian fauna which have conservation status according to national and international red lists as well as to conventions and agreements ratified by Ukraine. A short review of documents determining conservation status for species and definition for all the conservation categories are given. Ways for practical implementations of the conservation documents are considered.

For officers of protected territories, nature protection organizations, students and lecturers of biological speciality, all biologists.

In Ukrainian.





1. General remarks

2. National red lists

3. Green book of Ukraine and fauna conservation

4. International red lists

5. International treaties and programmes

6. Conservation categories of fauna species of Ukraine

7. Practical application of conservation categories

8. Sources in Internet


Appendix 1

Appendix 2


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