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Books, collected articles

"Bats and forestry"
Adapted Ukrainian version of the EUROBATS leaflet.

"Protection of overground roosts for bats" (Russain version)

"Protecting and managing underground sites for bats" (Russain version)

"Fauna of Ukraine: conservation categories"

In the reference book, among other, information on laws, international treaties and red lists, determining conservation status of all bat species in Ukraine is given.

Booklet "Bat and rabies"

Kyiv, 2010.

"Cave fauna of Ukraine"

An issue is devoted to consideration of cave communities of Ukrainian fauna and their conservation.

"Bats of Ukraine and adjacent countries:
a guide for field investigations"

A guide is addressed to professional zoologists and to volunteers, carrying out investigations of vertebrate animals in the field.

"Migratory status of bats in Ukraine"

A special issue of bulletin "Novitates Theriologicae" is devoted to investigations of a migratory status of bats of Ukraine.

"Theriology in Ukraine 2001"

Articles on bats, published in a special issue of "Visnyk Luganskogo Universytetu" proceedings of 7th Theriological School.

"Mammals of Ukraine protected by the Bern Convention"

Sections of the book, devoted to consideartion of a current state of populations of bats of Ukraine species protected with Bern convention.

"European bat night '98 in Ukraine"

Collection of articles, devoted to investigations of bat fauna of Ukraine, history of investigations, conservation of bats, problems of sibling species diagnostics, etc.



Publications on methods of bat research and bat protection

A set of articles on methods of bats' fauna investigations.

Articles on bat fauna of Ukraine and adjacent regions

A set of articles devoted to results of investigation of bat fauna of Ukraine, their current state.




Bibliography on investigations of bats by Ukrainian zoologists in 2002-2005


Ntional report

National report of Ukraine for EUROBATS


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