Cave fauna
of Ukraine


Cave fauna of Ukraine / Edited by I. Zagorodniuk. Kyiv 2004. 248 p.
(Series: Proceedings of the Theriological School, volume 6).


Issue includes the descriptions of the separate systematic groups of the cavernicole animals in Ukraine. This reviews has been prepared by the zoologists, who has most large practice in the investigations of some animal groups, among them there are: nematodes, crustaceans, spiders and mints, different insects, amphibians, and mammals. Annotated list of main caves, list of speloefauna and general bibliography about speleofauna are presented.


Foreword >>>

Chapter 1. Caves as environment for biota existence >>>

1.1. Bern Convention and underground habitats
1.2. Caves as habitats
1.3. Scientific investigations in caves
1.4. Exploitation of caves: caving and speleology
1.5. Strategy of caves' protection
1.6. Conservation of caves and protection systems for their entrances
1.7. Peculiarities of speleofauna and definition of speleobionts

Chapter 2. Main systematic groups of invertebrates >>>

2.1. Nematodes (Nematoda)
2.2. Molluscs (Mollusca)
2.3. Crustaceans (Crustacea)
2.4. Collembolans (Collembola)
2.5. Beetles (Coleoptera)
2.6. Spiders (Aranei)
2.7. Mites (Acari): freelife and endoparasite
2.8. Ticks and mites (Acari) parasites of cave mammals
2.9. Poorly-investigated groups of cave invertebrates


Chapter 3. Review of systematic groups of vertebrates >>>

3.1. Amphibians (Lissamphibia)
3.2. Birds (Aves) in underground sites of the Western Ukraine
3.3. Birds in the undergrounds of Crimea
3.4. Bats (Chiroptera)
3.5. Carnivore mammals (Carnivora)
3.6. Rodents (Glires)
3.7. Vertebrates as component of fossil troglofaunas


Chapter 4. Key underground sites of fauna >>>

4.1. Caves as objects of the natural reserve fund
4.2. Crimean cave region
4.3. Description of caves of Mountain Crimea
4.4. Underground sites of the West Podolia
4.5. Caves of the Northern part of the Eastern Carpathians and the Lviv province
4.6. Caves of Bukovina
4.7. Caves and adits of the Transcarpathians and their fauna


Chapter 5. Reference information >>>

5.1. Explanatory dictionary for biospeleologist
5.2. Criteria of value of caves on a biotic component
5.3. A checklist of cave fauna of Ukraine
5.4. Bibliography on biospeleology in Ukraine
5.5. Recommendation No. 36 (1992)
5.6. Information about authors





13 June, 2005