Investigations and projects


Bats and vaults: search and inventory of underground bat shelters in Belarus, 20192020


Bats of natural protected territories of Northern and Central Ukraine


Inventory of bat underground sites in not-cave regions of Ukraine


International Bat Night in Ukraine - 2013


International Bat Night in Ukraine - 2012

Bat ringing

Bats as indicators of natural complexes in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone


Full-scaled census of bats in underground sites of Crimea


Follow-up inventory of underground bat sites in western part of Ukraine


Inventory of summer bat populations of reserved territories of Ukraine and Russia


Bat rehabilitation centre in Kiev Zoo, from 1998 to 2009

Bat study in the national nature park Gomolshanskie lesa

Monitoring of hibernating bats in Liptsy artificial caves

A study of bats in rocks crevices

Development of collaboration between bat workers and public healthy authorities for bat conservation in Ukraine

Key sites for cave-dwelling bats of the continental south of Ukraine

Bat research in the Chernobyl exclusion zone (2003-2008)

Key sites for cave-dwelling bats of Podillya and Dniester River region

Bat census in Crimean caves

First bat detector workshop in Ukraine - 2000


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